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It’s 6 am and Shefali Bagga will become every person’s alarm clock. She starts waking all of us up with procedures that annoy the housemates. Her cause was to take revenge from the entire residence as they flip in opposition to her main to her nomination.

She makes positive that she doesn’t let any person sleep. She pulls their bedsheets, bangs empty vessels waking every person up. Despite numerous warnings, Shefali does not budge and Vikas Gupta makes a decision to boost her and locks her inside the bathroom. Later, Paras and Mahira are noticed spending some great time together, in which they specific how important they’re to every other.

A romantic moment is shared between the two as they trade glances. At the identical time, all does now not appear to be nicely in Sidnaaz paradise as they’re going thru a rough patch. Sidharth is deeply harm after Shehnaz has flips aspects to gain sympathy. A miffed Sidharth makes a decision to reduce off all ties with her. Shehnaz attempts her great to persuade him that she won’t repeat her mistake but all is going in vain. On the alternative hand, Vikas explains to Shehnaz the significance of a devoted friendship to prove Sidharth’s point. Later, Bigg Boss publicizes the captaincy challenge.

Four vehicles are parked within the garden region and Shehnaz, Vikas, Mahira and Shefali Bagga are the drivers. The contenders of captaincy need to persuade the drivers to give them a ride. The two contenders who fail to do so will at once be out of the race. The venture takes an interesting turn whilst mastermind Vikas Gupta grabs the opportunity and ditches Arhaan after agreeing to offer him a ride.


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